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Please Visit My New Blog

May 23, 2009

Hi Everyone!

This blog is closed.

Please visit and bookmark my new blog by visiting



Getting Started Online – A Quick Start Guide

May 9, 2009

I receive lots of email every day with people asking me many questions about Internet marketing.

I’d say the most popular question by far is “How do I get started?”

Here are some quick-start tips to get your online business going:

1.  Get a blog.

Blogs are great for many reasons.  They are easy to start and maintain (I highly recommend a wordpress blog), they are low cost or even free in many cases, search engines love blogs and your posts will be indexed quickly, and they allow you to showcase your knowledge as well as  interact with your readers.

2.  Get a sign up box on your website.

The simple fact is that 99% of people who visit your site will leave without buying and never come back again.  You MUST have a way of collecting their email address so that you can start to build a relationship and provide them with valuable content.  Eventually, they will buy from you.  As an incentive to join your list, provide them with a free report or something of value.

3.  Find out what they want.

You can do this using surveys (check out services such as  Many times, your list provider will have a survey function as well.  Once you find out what your customers want, you can provide it and watch the sales roll in!

4.  Position yourself as the expert in your field.

You do this by providing quality articles and other content (videos, reports, etc.) for FREE on  your blog and ezine.  You want to become the knowledge base for your niche.  This builds trust, and sooner or later, your prospects will turn into customers (and then repeat customers!).  Try to post on your blog daily, and send out your ezine weekly.

5.  Nurture relationships.

You can do this by encouraging comments on your blog, and making sure to answer questions and comments as well.  Provide plenty of photos of yourself as well as video.  Remember, be consistent with your communication so that you aren’t forgotten!

To your success,

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Internet Marketers: The Importance Of Professional Photography

May 8, 2009

As Internet marketers, we need to build relationships with our clients.  In order to build trust, our clients need to see what we look like.  We want them to feel as though they know us.

I strongly advise that you DO NOT put up badly lilt snapshots of yourself on your website or your social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter.  It will lower your credibility and make your site look unprofessional!

Instead, INVEST in images from a professional photographer!  Call portrait photographers in your area and inquire about promotional portraits that can be used on your website and social media sites.  Ask about purchasing the digital files on CD (most photographers will do this).

If you don’t have the funds right now, you more than likely know someone with a good camera and good photographic skills.  If not, one of your friends probably does.  Do some asking around.

Take both casual and formal shots and start using them in your publications, your website, your blog, and your social media sites.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.  Don’t be shy.  I know most of us hate having our picture taken.  Think of this as just another way to INCREASE your business!

2.  Wear solid colors – they photograph best.

3.  Avoid harsh sunlight (the shadows are unflattering).

4.  Get your hair cut (colored, highlighted, etc.) approximately 2 weeks before the photo shoot.

5.  Women, wear more makeup than usual (or you will look washed out).

To your success,

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New Promo Pic

May 7, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Had new promo pics taken today.  Here is my favorite.  Let me just say that I’m WAY more comfortable on the other side of the camera (the photographer’s side!).    Thanks for looking.


Trade in your J-O-B for something you love!

May 7, 2009

I remember when I had a full time job.  I hated it.  I hated having a boss.  I hated “having” to be somewhere everyday.  I hated dropping my baby daughter off at the babysitter’s every morning at 6:30 a.m, and not seeing her again until well after 4 p.m.  I hated all the “office politics” that were played.  I hated it and wished that I could do something fun for a living.  Something that would inspire me.  Something that would allow me to spend more time with my family.

I found it in 2004.

What was it?  Internet marketing.

I found it and I’ve never looked back.  Now, I’m my own boss, I set my own hours, I spend time with my children, and I work from home or from anywhere I have my computer and an Internet connection.

You can’t beat it.

My first Internet business had to do with photography – and I’m still running that business.  Because I love photography and know about how to run a photography business, that was what I chose as my first Internet marketing niche.  Because I love the topic so much, writing about it and maintaining a website on that topic never felt like work.

Think of the one thing that you really love to do.  Something that you are passionate about.  Something that you know about.  Chances are, you can turn it into your very own Internet marketing business.

It sure beats a J-O-B.

To your success,

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Recession Proof Your Online Business

May 5, 2009

Okay, so everyone knows times are tough and we are currently in the midst of a recession.  Here are some tips to make sure your online business thrives during these tough economic times:

1. Use Video!

Video is a powerful sales tool, and it also helps you build trust with your clients.  It offers a way for them to get to know you.  Use it to sell products or liven up blog posts.  Too camera shy?  You can still use video screen capture with products like Camtasia.  Simply show people why your products and services are invaluable!

2.  Find out what people want to buy!

By using surveys, you can find out exactly what people’s wants and needs are – then create a specific product that satisfies that need and sell it! There are many online tools for surveying (check out

3.   Become an Authority!

Include free special reports, articles, and other valuable info on your site that clients can’t easily get anywhere else.   Provide added value at every turn, and leave your competitors in the dust.

To Your Success,

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May 4, 2009

CindyThanks for stopping by and checking out my brand new blog for  Stay tuned for tips and ideas that will change your business and your life!

A special thanks to my good friend Jackie for the beautiful photos you see here.