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Getting Started Online – A Quick Start Guide

May 9, 2009

I receive lots of email every day with people asking me many questions about Internet marketing.

I’d say the most popular question by far is “How do I get started?”

Here are some quick-start tips to get your online business going:

1.  Get a blog.

Blogs are great for many reasons.  They are easy to start and maintain (I highly recommend a wordpress blog), they are low cost or even free in many cases, search engines love blogs and your posts will be indexed quickly, and they allow you to showcase your knowledge as well as  interact with your readers.

2.  Get a sign up box on your website.

The simple fact is that 99% of people who visit your site will leave without buying and never come back again.  You MUST have a way of collecting their email address so that you can start to build a relationship and provide them with valuable content.  Eventually, they will buy from you.  As an incentive to join your list, provide them with a free report or something of value.

3.  Find out what they want.

You can do this using surveys (check out services such as  Many times, your list provider will have a survey function as well.  Once you find out what your customers want, you can provide it and watch the sales roll in!

4.  Position yourself as the expert in your field.

You do this by providing quality articles and other content (videos, reports, etc.) for FREE on  your blog and ezine.  You want to become the knowledge base for your niche.  This builds trust, and sooner or later, your prospects will turn into customers (and then repeat customers!).  Try to post on your blog daily, and send out your ezine weekly.

5.  Nurture relationships.

You can do this by encouraging comments on your blog, and making sure to answer questions and comments as well.  Provide plenty of photos of yourself as well as video.  Remember, be consistent with your communication so that you aren’t forgotten!

To your success,

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